Almost 400 years ago—in 1625—Saint Vincent de Paul founded a Society of Apostolic Life of vowed priests and brothers called the Congregation of the Mission. St. Vincent charged these men with sharing Christ’s love with the poor and educating the clergy. Today, the Vincentians—as these priests and brothers are commonly called—have 3,100 professed members, in 95 countries, and serving 507 local communities.

The Vincentians of the Eastern Province in the United States serve up-and-down the east coast, in Alabama, and in Panama. Their ministries range from pastoring parishes, serving indigenous peoples, addiction treatment, prisoner reentry programs, higher education, and so much more.

Here is a map of where many Eastern Province Vincentians serve today. However, no map can capture the full scope and impact of the Eastern Province Vincentian ministries. (This map does not include individual Vincentians who are permitted to serve in special assignments or are pursuing specialized education).

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