Catching Up on Vincentian Values in Lent – Week Two

St. Vincent de Paul encouraged five particular traits in his comrades: simplicity, meekness, mortification, humility and zeal. Come discover the stories of these Vincentian Values and how they are alive in the daily experiences of those around us.

Through the 40 days of Lent, a new story will be shared daily. Make it your Lenten challenge to dive into the five Vincentian virtues of simplicity, meekness, mortification, humility and zeal. See how the everyday practices of being honest, approachable, self-disciplined, realistic and hardworking, in the spirit of St. Vincent, can transform your own life and the lives of others.

The Journey Begins

Day 1 – First Step on the Vincentian Way – Thomas McKenna

Day 2 – In the Vincentian Way – Mary Gilbart

Day 3 – With a Good Heart – Ivette Detres

Day 4 – Waking Up – John Freund

Week One – Stories of Simplicity

Day 5 – Just Listen – Frank Sacks

Day 6 – Lifting up Spirit – Larry Huber

Day 7 – Open and Honest – Jack Timlin

Day 8 – Simple Providence  – Frank Sacks

Day 9 – Truthful – Mary Gilbart

Day 10 – Transparency – Thomas McKenna


Week Two – Stories of Meekness

Day 11 – Reflect – Katherine Cartegena

Day12 – SIlent Storm  – Al Smith

Day 13 – Open Door – Al Pehrsson

Day 14 – Available – Liz WIlson

Day 15 – Gentle Help – Robert Stone

Day 16 – Approachable – Thomas McKenna

Coming Week Three – Stories of Mortification, Self-discipline


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