2019 Easter Message of the Superior General


The risen Christ opened to us the way of eternal love, of peace that does not pass, of hope that does not disappoint, of final victory. In the light of faith, the denser the night, the more promising is the dawn that germinates in her womb (Luke 24:1-12). There is nothing better, then, than to hear, as addressed to us, Saint Vincent’s paschal wishes: “… you may live an utterly new divine life in Jesus Christ risen from the dead. Ask Him for this grace for all of us so that we may constantly sigh for, and aspire after, the things that are above, and that we may proceed in that direction through the works of our vocation so as to draw others with us to heaven (CCD VIII, 325).

We believe in You, Lord Jesus Christ,
You who gave up your life for us.
We believe that, resurrected,
You live eternally in the glory of the Father
and, by the power of your Spirit,
accompany our hesitant steps
in this world of darkness and light.
Your Resurrection is the newness that does not get old,
the outstretched hand that lifts us,
the balm that heals our wounds,
the comfort that calms us,
the breeze that dries our tears,
the melody that makes us happy,
the peace that energizes us again,
the fragrance that perfumes the world,
the definitive word of love.
Today, we only ask
the grace of living with You,
consoled by your company,
comforted by your friendship,
awakening new dawns of Resurrection,
in us and around us,
until, in the eternal light in which You live,
our dark nights become clear day.
Amen. Alleluia.

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