Election Day and Choosing a Path in Life

Citizens of the United States cast their ballots today. Who they vote for will determine not only their own future. Their votes will, via expanding ripples, influence not only their own future but also yours and mine.


However, there are also 19 men who are voting with their lives every day in the formation programs of the Congregation of the Mission in the United States. Their decisions will not only affect their lives but ours as well.


Each Election Day we are asked to pray for leaders who understand the common good and work for the dignity of all. This Election Day let us also pray for these men who are preparing to serve all of God’s people, especially the poor and the marginalized.


Download this flyer. May their face help you keep them in mind.


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For more information about some of them.


Encouragement from our Superior General
For more information, contact:
Fr. John Maher, C.M.
Fr. Jim Osendorf, C.M.
Download the graphic Future Vincentians 2017

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