Feast of the Assumption August 15

Feast of the Assumption

History and reminds us of what God did for the Blessed Virgin Mary and what God can do for us if we open ourselves to his grace. The Feast shouts out the Good News of what God wants to do for his disciples.

Our young people, from all of our works, have returned from Brazil and they are filled with that grace. They heard the challenge of Pope Francis and they are ready and willing to go forth and be proclaimers of the Good News of the Gospel. They now go back to their parishes and universities to share their pilgrimage experience with others.

I was at St. John’s University for two weeks in July with the Provincials from the entire Congregation and we were encouraged, and we encouraged each other, to be the missionaries, the proclaimers of the Good News to the poor that Vincent de Paul calls his sons to be. Our task is to go back to the Provinces and again remind our confreres that we are missionaries sent to proclaim the Good News to the Poor.

August 15 also reminds us that, as always, the summer has moved quickly along.  Enjoy these days so you might be refreshed to begin again as the missionaries that we are all called to be.

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