Flash! Look for Men On a Mission!

Have you ever seen “Men on a Mission”, Vincentian priests and brothers, members of a Congregation devoted to the mission of Christ the Evangelizer of the Poor.”

If you visit this site you have seen many men on a mission, (along with those who contribute their time, talent and treasure to support this mission of serving Christ in the poor.) Now you can learn more about the men on a mission serving in the Congregation of the Mission in the USA on our new vocation website.

“Men on a Mission, Serving Christ in the Poor”

This is the theme of a new national website in the United States debuting today to promote Vincentian vocations to the priesthood and brotherhood.

In line with the annual Vocation Awareness Week (November 4-10), Vocation Directors of the Eastern and Western Provinces of the Congregation of the Mission have created a new national website to promote vocations to Vincentian priesthood and brotherhood in the USA. Entitled “Men on a Mission” (, it highlights “the men, mission, and ministries” of the Congregation of the Mission across the USA. It provides a digital platform for information and access to learning about the Vincentian Community in the United States.

Fr. John Maher, C.M. Director of Vocations for the Eastern Province, and Fr. Jim Osendorf, C.M. Director of Vocations for the Western Province joined forces with Bill Rose, proprietor of Joyful Films, to develop this new website. It provides a contemporary view of the young men who have entered the Congregation of the Mission; ministries the Vincentians sponsor; resources to discern a vocation; the history, spirituality, and charism of St. Vincent de Paul; information on the international presence of Vincentians; and the laity who comprise the wider “Vincentian Family.”

“Both Jim and I felt that a national website to promote vocations to the Vincentians is a project that will benefit both our provinces in the long run,” stated Fr. John Maher. “We also believe that this is a practical way to promote collaboration between our provinces to invite the next generation of vowed young Vincentians to join us.” Fr. Jim Osendorf said, “It’s time vocation promotion be a common project for our provinces to undertake for the good of all our confreres and ministries.”

The website features videos of Vincentian seminarians briefly reflecting on their vocations, and profiles two missions sponsored by each province: Panama (Eastern Province); and Kenya (Western Province.) It also provides reflections by Vincentians on the varied aspects of spirituality and the charism of St. Vincent de Paul, providing inspiration in ministries to evangelize and serve the poor. Plans are also in progress for a Spanish language version of this website to reach Latino men who may be interested in learning more about the Congregation of the Mission.

“Men on a Mission serving Christ in the poor” is not only a theme of this new national website but the story of the Congregation of the Mission in the United States for over two centuries. The inspiration for the theme of this new website comes from the motto St. Vincent de Paul chose for his Congregation in 1625: “He has sent me to preach the Good news to the poor.” (Luke 4:18)

See how many “men on a mission” you can recognize not only in the website but in your life.

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