Fr. Carroll, CM, Appears on Catholic TV “This is the Day”

Fr. Michael J. Carroll, CM, Miraculous Medal Shrine Director, recently appeared on the October 2 edition of This is the Day on Catholic TV. He shared his vision of the ministry of the Shrine as it celebrates the old story of Mary’s Miraculous Medal and seeks to share it in new ways.


In this brief Skype interview, he shares a story of how Mary has impacted people’s lives.

At the height of World War II, 10-15,000 people shared in the Monday Novena services. At the war’s conclusion, a woman surprised Fr. Skelly, the founder of the Shrine in Germantown, with a crown fashioned of gold. She hoped it could be used as an expression of her gratitude for the safe return of two nephews. Since that day this precious crown has been used to crown the Blessed Mother statue in the Shrine each October and May.

He continues by sharing his hope to tell the story of Mary’s Miraculous Medal to new generations using a variety of means of communications such as live streaming the Monday Novenas and selected events. He also is aware of how many different cultures are represented in the congregation today. He sees them seeking to participate in the traditions they learned in their countries of origin.

Fr. Carroll’s Background

He himself was impacted as the third of the five children of James and Gladys. He remembers well regularly accompanying his mother and his siblings to the weekly Novena at the Miraculous Medal Shrine.

“My hope as the director is to share the promise and the gift of the Miraculous Medal to as many people as possible. This can be done with the support and help of our promoters.” The message of the Miraculous Medal, he believes, “is hope. Share your needs with Mary, and she will present them to her Son. God will share His grace with you. Come to the altar.”

The great challenge today, Father Carroll believes, is making the Gospel relevant to young people. Now his great joy is to be permitted to do that at the very Shrine where his own faith was nurtured as a child through devotion to the Blessed Mother, instilled in him by his own mother.

Be sure to visit the Shrine website to learn more about the activities and resources that include an excellent museum of Marian art.

Catholic TV

The CatholicTV Network, commonly known as CatholicTV, is a Catholic television network based in Watertown, Massachusetts. CatholicTV first launched locally in Boston in 1955, making it the oldest Catholic television network in the United States. Today, it is distributed on cable television systems, internet television, and broadcast stations in sixteen U.S. states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

CatholicTV broadcasts programming relevant to Catholic viewers, including live religious services, talk shows, devotional programs, educational series, entertainment, and children’s programs. The network regularly presents coverage of liturgies and special events at the Vatican and during papal journeys.

Internet users can view the channel through the web site, or with applications for iOS or Android mobile devices. Internet video is also available through the streaming media devices RokuGoogle TV, and Apple TV. Select programs are available for download at iTunes. Video-on-demand service is available on Roku and Apple TV (nationally) and Verizon FiOS in most markets.

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