+ Fr. Richard McCullen, CM

McCUllen 2FamVin just received word that former Superior General Richard McCullen, CM died peacefully in his sleep.

From the Curia…

Father McCullen passed away very peacefully at 6 a.m. this morning. The Visitor had called here last night and spoke with Agus. He told him that Father McCullen was very bad and not conscious. They were sitting with him.

Father Devlin announced that Father McCullen passed away so peacefully that they were almost unaware that he was gone. They knew he was slipping but did not expect him to go so fast. They thought he would see Christmas. There are no arrangements yet, because he has to meet with the family later today. However, he said, with the feast days, the funeral might not be until Monday. Father McCullen has one sister, who is also frail. She saw him yesterday.

Further details as they become available…

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