Looking for Signs of the Resurrection?

May 3, 2019 | Fr. John Freund, C.M.

Take a look at the April 2019 Bulletin of the Vincentian Solidarity Office.

Read about…

•The Healing of African Migrants at Vincentian Center, Algeria, Africa

The tearful journey from oppression to liberation continues in the lives of African migrants. In his own day, St. Vincent de Paul understood the struggle poor people faced when fleeing poverty caused by war. Today similar conditions force many to undertake the risky journey from Sub-Sahara Africa.

The ministry of the Vincentian Center in Algiers, Algeria, stands between further descent into despair and an about face towards hope.


• Cattle Breeding Project, Talamanca, Costa Rica, Latin America

The cattle breeding project employs the method of “systemic change” for the improvement of the pastoral care of the parishioners at the various mission stations, and the betterment of the lives of the “campesinos,” peasants.

This project builds upon a previous successful project that was also sponsored by the VSO at the Parish of Santiago Apostol.

• Toyota Hilux Pick-Up for Parish and Minor Seminary, Chad, Africa

Two Vincentian priests were challenged in their duties because of the limited public transportation and poor roads between missions.

With the help of the VSO and our partner, the Chad Mission purchased a new 4×4 Toyota Hilux pick-up for transport in and around the town of Moundou. Travel time to distant communities is greatly reduced, and access to communities is more frequent. The Parish Community with its mission stations are now more united and better served.

For more practical signs of the resurrection visit their website of the Vincentian Solidarity Office.

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