New Regional Superior in Panama

The Region of Panama

November 24, 2015

The Region of Panama has just concluded their first election of a Regional Superior since becoming a Region three years ago.

Today Fr. General and his Council, at the recommendation of our Provincial Council, confirmed the election results.

Teodoro Justavino

justavinoTeodoro Justavino CMTeodoro was ordained in1990 and in March celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Ordination. He has worked in Puerto Armuelles, the mission of Darien, and the College Residence in Panama City. He is currently working in Soloy with Fr. Fitzgerald.

Father Alcibiades and Teodoro will arrange a transition date.

Many thanks to Father Alcibiades who has led first the Panama Commission for seven years and now the Region for the last three. Alcibiades will be going on a much deserved sabbatical after the transition.

In St. Vincent,

Michael Carroll, CM, Provincial


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