New Website to Strengthen Our Life and Ministry

A revised CMGLOBAL website intends to strengthen communication about our life together, witness to our charism, and our on-going renewal.


Rome, 19 July 2018

To the Visitors, Vice-Visitors, Regional Superiors, and Superiors of the International Missions

Dear Confreres,

May the grace and peace of Jesus be always with us!

Dear Confreres,

We are happy to be able to present to you the new website of the Congregation of the Mission. This is a place that will strengthen communication about our life together, the witness with regard to our charism as well as our on-going renewal as we continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ evangelizing the poor.

We began this work several months ago in order to present you with this site that will allow you to know and to come to a deeper understanding of the ministry and the commitment of the Congregation of the Mission on behalf of those people who are poor and marginalized.

This website presents the multi-cultural and the international dimension of the Congregation, and as such, it is multi-lingual (the official languages of the Congregation: French, English, and Spanish). Since, however, the Curia is located in Italy, it is necessary that we publish information in this language.

The website is a “virtual” place, one link in a large global network, a place of encounter and of communication which unites the various realities of the Congregation. We hope to create dialogue on themes of common interest and, therefore, we feel it is important to reinforce the criteria for a most participatory communication.

On the website, one will find a variety of content. The predominant character of the content is informative. Themes are related to the various projects and ministries. One will also find here studies, reflections, biographies, histories, and descriptions of events that take place in the various provinces. Here also we share information from the General Curia, the various commissions of the Congregation, the International Missions, the Conferences of Visitors, etc.

As a result of some new technology, the Office of Communication is now able to provide information about the Congregation’s mission to the poor (both those who are near to us and those who do not know us). It will also be possible to access this site from the many devices that are available to us, thus we increase our ways of being able to share this information with you.

We cite here the words of Pope Francis: “I like to refer to this power of communication as ‘closeness.’ The encounter between communication and mercy will be fruitful to the degree that it generates a closeness which cares, comforts, heals, accompanies and celebrates” (Pope Francis, Message on the Occasion of World Communications Day, 2016). I, too, am deeply grateful to all those who worked on CMGlobal from its inception to the present. Their efforts also helped to make this new website a reality.

In this sense, we recognize the work of the Communications Office at the General Curia as they now place before us a newly designed web page. I express my gratitude to the many people who have been involved in this effort.

This new page is composed of six sections (Presentations of the Congregation and the Curia, news, a culture of vocation, formation (with direct access to our publications: Nuntia and Vincentiana), commissions, and the Vincentian Family. Each of these sections offers multiple possibilities with regard to organization and editing information. This new page is a living means of communication and will be in constant evolution, thus nourishing its users with new and relevant content. The platform for this site has been created at the Curia, but you, the confreres and your ministry among the poor, are the content. I invite you to share with us your reflections, the events that take place in your province, the history of your provinces and works, the manner in which you are ministering in all the various parts of the world. I also invite you to join with us in this work and to be willing to serve as a translator, a reporter, and/or to make a contribution to the content of this site. You can contact the office of communication, Fr. Jorge Luis Rodríguez Baquero, CM, at the following

In launching this website, we follow the example of our Holy Founder. Although such means of communication did not exist in his time, we know that Saint Vincent made every effort to be in regular contact with his confreres. He usually wrote to each of the local superiors once a week, giving them news of the Congregation. He also told the Daughters of Charity, “O mon Dieu! yes! That’s a real need: close communication with one another; sharing everything. Nothing is more necessary. It unites hearts, and God blesses the advice received, with the result that things go better” (CCDXIIIb, 281; Document 160, Council of 20 June 1647).

Your brother in Saint Vincent,
Tomaž Mavrič, CM
Superior General


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