NORMAL? – Old, New, … Or Better

When I read this quote in a reflection by Richard Rohr, my mind went off on a surprising trek.

The first thought that came to mind was to think of the many meanings of “normal”

  • Whose normal?
  • Old normal?
  • New normal?
  • Better normal?

The second thought that came to mind was to think: If you aren’t moving forward, you are dying.

The third thought that came to mind was to think of Vincent as he spoke to the Daughters of Charity: “The community is not now what it once was, nor is it what it will be!”

The fourth thought that came to mind was to ask who is this E. Eachus?

A google search took me off in an unexpected direction. It led me, of all places, to a site that provides the meaning of names from John to Abigal… to Eachus. Who knew that Eachus is an acronym made up of the following elements?

  • E is for enthusiasm, in even the most dire circumstances.
  • is for amenable, for your easy-going nature.
  • C is for cuddle, those intimate moments you cherish.
  • H is for hope, the encouragement you give.
  • U is for unbreakable, your spirit is strong.
  • S is for serene, your calm time.

My mind went back to my first thought! What if we could create a “better normal” that embodied all these qualities?

If we could, would that not be an insight into how God writes straight with crooked lines?

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