October focus on missionary activity

mike-carrol-homeOctober is the month directed by the Church to focus on her missionary activity.

From our earliest days in formation this value was placed before us in the work of the Mission Crusade.  In the Seminary, we can recall that this activity was marked each day in the sorting of stamps in the Rec Hall to raise money for the foreign missions as well as other fundraisers for the work in Panama.  In October, we traveled to the Cathedral to join other seminarians to participate in the Mission Sunday Mass.  We were also given the opportunity to go out to schools to speak of the missionary work of the Congregation. Reminding others of the work of missionaries has long been a part of our lives.

This summer the Congregation instituted a new website to highlight the International Mission of the Congregation.  The site promotes the work of the International Missions and provides information on the varied works where the confreres serve.

Highlighted on the site is a video featuring Aidan Rooney and his mission in El Alto, Bolivia.  As a Province, God has blessed us with many generous confreres who have given their life to service in the missions,  Fr. Walter Menig, in the infirmary, is now the last of the China missionaries in the Province.

World Mission Day is October 19, 2014 and it is the day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church’s Missionary activity.

Pope Francis reminds us that “the Church is born to go forth!”

As the Region of Panama finishes its celebration of 100 years of Missionary activity, may we look for new ways to join the Church in being missionaries.

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