October is Mission Month

Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll

October 1, 2013

October is Mission Month and from our earliest days in school we were reminded of the greatness of a missionary.  School made us active participants in Mission Month by having us collect dimes on a card to support the missions and through book reports and posters on missionary activity.

I once heard a missionary say that to be a missionary is a vocation within a vocation.

As Provincial I know that I am extremely proud of my confreres who serve as missionaries. As members of the Congregation of the Mission, we are called to always be involved in the work of the mission of preaching the good news.  We are called as well to have the flexibility of missionaries in moving from place to place.

Pope Francis constantly reminds us to be missionaries, to share the precious gift of God with others so that their lives might be more meaningful and beautiful.

This October may we join in prayers and sacrifice for our missionaries who offer hope and love to so many.

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