Parishioners of “Queens” remember and honor 37 Vincentians

Fr. Kettlebnerger experienced how nice it is nice to be remembered as the representative of the VIncentians some 35 years after leaving “Queens”, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Jackson Michigan.

On June 25, 2017, the parish invited the last Vincentian Pastor, Father John Kettelberger, CM to participate in the Blessing and dedication of the newly built parish center which has been named “Vincentian Hall “ in honor of the 37 Vincentian Priests who served the parish between 1934 and 1996.  The new hall features a beautiful plaque of dedication as well as a beautiful statue of St. Vincent de Paul.  During his remarks at the dedication, Father Kettelberger, CM. spoke of the importance of this year for Vincentians who are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian Charism.  Father John spoke of how humbled and proud the Vincentians were at seeing how faithfully the people of Queen’s Parish continued to live out the Vincentian spirit in their concern for the poor of Jackson county and beyond.

Frs. Joe Elzi, Henry Bradbury, Mike Kenndy and Tom Kenndy are the only other living confreres who served there. All four reside at our Motherhouse. Fr. Elizi holds the distinction of being the only member of the Eastern Province to be born and raised in “Queens”. See the full list of confreres below.

In 1934 Bishop Gallagher invited the Vincentians of the Eastern Province to come to Jackson, Michigan and establish a parish on the west side of the town as well as become Chaplains to Southern Michigan prison and Mercy Hospital.  The first Mass for the parish was celebrated by Father Leon Cahill, CM celebrated the First Mass for the parish on June 25, 1934, in the Knights of Columbus Hall.  The Vincentian Community served the people of Jackson for the next 62 years in the parish which they named Queen of the Miraculous Medal as well as Southern Michigan Prison and Mercy and later Foote Hospitals.  In 1996 the Vincentian Community withdrew from Jackson and priests of the Diocese of Lansing assumed leadership of the parish.

To put his history into context it might be helpful to realize that 1934 President Roosevelt was making plans for a radical new program that would become known as Social Security.


Vincentian Pastors

  • Rev. William Casey, C.M.
  • Rev. Joseph Wright, C.M.
  • Rev. Michael J. Kennedy, C.M.
  • Rev. Joseph F. Keenan, C.M.
  • Rev. James T Twomey, C.M.
  • Rev. Francis X. Desmond, C.M.
  • Rev. F. Leon Cahill, C.M.
  • Rev. John H. Dougherty, C.M.
  • Rev. Arthur J. Keegan, C.M.

Others who served

  • Rev. Francis J. McCormick, C.M.
  • Rev. E. Louis Lawler, C.M.
  • Rev. Francis X White, C.M.
  • Rev. Joseph Keenan, C.M.
  • Rev. Hank Thiel, C.M.
  • Rev. John Hallahan, C.M.
  • Rev. Raymond E. Lewis
  • Rev. Vincent E. Trunk, C.M.
  • Rev. James Wholey, C.M.
  • Rev. William Glavin, C.M.
  • Rev. Francis X. Quinn, C.M.,
  • Rev. James Murphy, C.M.
  • Rev. Thomas Kennedy, C.M.
  • Rev. George Krock, C.M.
  • Rev. James Kelly, C.M.
  • Rev. Thomas Browne, C.M.
  • Rev. Vincent Galchus, C.M.
  • Rev. Keith Krusky, C.M.
  • Rev. Joseph Symes, C.M.
  • Rev. Stephen Denig, C.M.
  • Rev. Vincent Penderghest, C.M.
  • Rev. William Schmidt, C.M.
  • Rev. Henry Bradbury, C.M.
  • Rev. George Mullen, C.M.
  • Rev. Bernard Tierney, C.M.
  • Rev. John Kettelberger, C.M.

Hospital Chaplains

  • Rev. Thomas D. O;Connor, C.M.
  • Rev. Nelsen Schroder, C.M.
  • Rev. Francis B. Hinton, C.M.

Prison Chaplains

  • Rev. F. Leon Cahill, C.M.
  • Rev. Lester DeMott, C.M.
  • Rev. John McMyler. C.M.


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