Prayers requested for speedy recovery of Fr. Dorr

Father Pat Flannigan sent the following information about Jim Dorr…

Jim Dorr has been hospitalized in South Buffalo General and will be there at least overnight under observation for a possible heart attack.

These past couple of days we may have noticed him complaining of pain in his arm to which he had been attributed to either arthritis or “unexplained causes.”  Well, today, while he was at Wegmans in Buffalo (as you know he is home w/ his family to bury his niece’s husband), he went to the Pharmacy and explained his condition.  The staff immediately called 911 and had him transported to the hospital where he has been undergoing tests.  JIm has yet to get a stress test and an echocardiogram.  His family and friends already have been very attentive to him.  One of his friend’s went and move his car from the Wegman’s lot to his niece’s house.

I spoke with him recently and, as always, Jim is in great spirits, but realizes, unfortunately, he cannot celebrate the funeral tomorrow.  He hopes, yet, to be back on Saturday and present to his parish at the track.  I assured him of our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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