Sharing Joy in Songs of Hope: “Matsiko!”


On Wednesday, September 6, the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia was filled with life, energy and brilliant joy as young children from across the world came to sing of God’s love. Through song and dance, they shared the hope that they have found in their lives. From Nepal, Peru, Libya, and India, these young boys and girls have one thing in common: they are orphans.


Dancing together in their own cultural dress, and joyfully proclaiming, “Matsiko! Matsiko!” the children bounded through the aisles, reaching out to grasp the hands of the people gathered in the pews before them.


‘Matsiko!’ they all exclaimed with confidence, a Ugandan word for “hope.” The innocence of their voices and the dramatic drumming beats and energetic dance made for a rousing performance that surely brightened the day of each member of the audience.



Matsiko World Orphan Choir is a project of the International Children’s Network, a nonprofit organization that seeks to break the cycle of poverty through education and child sponsorship programs. “I am not forgotten, God knows my name,” sang Eunice, a young girl from Libiya who led the choir and reminded all present through song that each of us are known and loved by God.  Every year, the Matsiko Children’s Choir travels to local churches, associations and community groups proclaiming their message of hope and advocating for other children just like themselves in each of their home countries.  The concerts are open to all who wish to attend and the proceeds from the sale of their music and Peruvian, Libyian, Indian and Nepalian local crafts go toward supporting the work of the International Children’s Network Programs.

For more information about the work of the International Children’s Network or the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, please visit:




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