Sometimes We Forget the Obvious

Who of us can not admit that at times we forget the obvious?

If we are asked, we would all recognize the importance of prayer in everything we do… especially as we become aware of the tremendous needs of the those who are on the margins.

Yet, how many times do we stop and consciously pray for those we hope to serve?

Yet, how many times do we stop and consciously pray for ourselves that we might meet not only the obvious needs but also recognize the deeper needs?

Yet, how many times do we stop and consciously pray for systemic change and those who collaborate in efforts to change the systems that trap so many?

Perhaps we could take of few moments right now to pray this prayer or another of our own choosing.

Prayer for Vincentians about to Engage in Systemic Change

May God be with us as we serve those in need.
May we find creative ways to assist them in becoming independent.
May we pray for unity amongst Vincentians throughout the world.
May we explore new ways to teach and learn from those we serve.
May we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us on the Vincentian Pathway to ending poverty as we now know it.
May we find courage and stamina to improve the structural systems that keep our friends in need in their place at the bottom of the ladder.
May we stand with them and for them in their struggles for justice in the care provided for and to them.
May God bless all of us knowing we are all doing our part to improve the system of care for those in need.

What is your favorite prayer or way of praying for those who suffer and those committed to walking with them.?


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