St. Vincent’s Work With Prisoners Updated in St. Vincent’s Parish

Par Recycle Works  makes Philadelphia headlines as an updated version of the work done by St. Vincent with prisoners 400 years ago.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a wonderful story about the prison re-entry program based in St. Vincent’s Parish Germantown. PAR-Recycle Works is a prime example of how multiple social causes can be brought together to have a broader community impact.

The story focuses on George and Mimi Limbach who are deeply committed to helping formerly incarcerated people find life and hope after prison. They are living lives of compassion and action in an age of caustic self-interest.

Read what the story says about Al Butcher one of the people the program is aiding…

“I don’t blame nobody,” said 30-year-old Al Butcher, who did time on a burglary conviction while on drugs and while trying to provide for his two kids and the two children left behind by his dead brother. Al would soon be on the warehouse floor, taking apart old computers being scrapped by law firms, schools, and municipalities for $12.20 an hour. No one would be judging anyone else. Everyone there had made terrible mistakes but were now in search of a new way.

“I can’t change what I did,” Al said. “I can only change what I’m doing now. Better myself moving forward.”

Fr. Tim Lyons, Assistant Superior of our Motherhouse, has been working with the Limbach’s and others on the Board in various programs of prison and re-entry ministry. He has been an active participant in the work of PAR at SCI-Graterford prison. Profoundly interested in the work of personal transformation, Tim dedicates himself to serving others on the journey.

See their one minute video

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