Summer celebrations of the Vincentian Family

Mike CarrollWith the Feast of Pentecost celebrated and the Easter Season behind us, we now find ourselves  in Ordinary Time in the Liturgical life of the Church.

The summer is full of numerous Feasts and Commemorations.  These will break up the steady procession of green in the liturgy.

The Vincentians and the Daughters of Charity have Feasts in June, July and August.

June 26 is a Memorial of Mary Magdalene and her companions, Daughters of Charity. They are called the martyrs of Cambria.  The Vincentian Ordo says that during the French Revolution they crowned their service to the poor with martyrdom.  Benedict XV beatified these martyrs on June 13, 1920.

July 30 is a Memorial of St. Justin De Jacobis, an Italian Vincentian Priest who gave his life as a missionary in Ethiopia. The Congregation for the Propagation of Faith commissioned him to establish the Ethiopian Mission where he ministered  for 20 years and in 1849 he was ordained a Bishop and appointed Prefect Apostolic. Over the years both he and the Church suffered at the hands of others because of their beliefs. He died in Ethiopia on July 31, 1860. He holds the singular honor in 1975 to be first Vincentian Canonized since St. Vincent de Paul.

August 30 is a Memorial of Blessed Ghebre Michael, Priest and Martyr.  Ghebre Michael was an Ethiopian who was received into the Church and ordained a priest by St. Justin De Jacobis.  He too suffered persecution because of his faith and finally he died a martyr’s death on July 13, 1855.

These three summer Feasts remind us again that discipleship has its price. We serve one who gave his life on the cross. As disciples we are called to embrace that same cross.

May God give each of us the same grace that he shared with our summer Vincentian Saints and Blesseds!

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