Superior General’s Advent Letter – Key Ideas in Powerpoint

Have you read the Advent letter from Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM? You can find it here.

It is a letter with a lot of content. Therefore, to help assimilate it, FamVin offers this presentation where the main ideas of the text are summarized:

[slideshare id=82851446&doc=adventmavriceucharist-171127222043]

You can download the presentation in six languages, in PDF or Power Point format, in these links:

[button link=”″ color=”#880000″]English (PDF)[/button] [button link=”” color=”#880000″]English (PPT)[/button]
[button link=”″ color=”#880000″]Español (PDF)[/button] [button link=”″ color=”#880000″]Español (PPT)[/button]
[button link=”” color=”#880000″]Français (PDF)[/button] [button link=”” color=”#880000″]Français (PPT)[/button]
[button link=”″ color=”#880000″]Polski (PDF)[/button] [button link=”” color=”#880000″]Polski (PPT)[/button]
[button link=”″ color=”#880000″]Português (PDF)[/button] [button link=”” color=”#880000″]Português (PPT)[/button]
[button link=”” color=”#880000″]Italiano (PDF)[/button] [button link=”” color=”#880000″]Italiano (PPT)[/button]

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