The Fig Tree I Sit Under Today

Graphic courtesy of Free Bible Images

The fig tree I sit under today!  As I was reading this morning’s Gospel a light went on in my head.

I normally read this passage as a vocation story from the past. I do sometimes  ask myself and others to reflect on the day when we were first called to take Jesus seriously.

The light that went on did not point to the past. It lit up the present.

Bartholomew asked, “How do you know me?” Jesus said to Bartholomew “I saw you sitting under the fig tree.”

It dawned on me that Jesus sees me under a variety of fig trees today… and calls me as I

  • Sit at my desk writing this
  • Sit at table eating with my confreres
  • Sit in my car driving to a medical appointment

You get the idea.

That past moment is present today for each one of us. Jesus sees us sitting under the fig trees of our daily lives!

Some questions I am asking today…

  • Will I recognize the many places and people in which Jesus calls me today?
  • How will I respond?

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