Videos, Images, Impressions – Historic Vincentian Family Meeting

Videos from the Historic Vincentian Family Gathering Rome 2020

We have compiled this list of six videos posted on Facebook for the first two days. They are apparently in need of some editing in spots. Most likely there will be an official compilation of all the videos available shortly after the gathering concludes.

The videos are presented in the context of the schedule published prior to the start of this gathering.

If you only have time for one I suggest either one of the first two by Fr. Maloney and Fr. Mavric which focus on issues of general concern. The other videos treat various aspects that are more particular in nature.

See also official reports from the FamVin Office

January 8, 2020


7:30: Gather at the Augustinianum to go to the Papal Audience


3:00: Gathering Prayer and Welcome

Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM
President, Vincentian Family Executive Committee (VFEC)

Fr. Joseph Agostino, CM
International Coordinator, Vincentian Family Office (VFO)

Sr. Mary McCormick, SC: Conference Facilitator
Overview of the Conference

Fr. Robert Maloney, CM: History / Overview of the Vincentian Family (ENGLISH)

Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM: Vincentian Family Executive Committee – President’s Address ENGLISH)

Closing Prayer

Thursday, 9 January

9:15 Prayer and Welcome

The Vincentian Global Mission: Vincentian Family Office Team Presentation (ENGLISH)

Communications in the Vincentian Family: Javier Chento (SSVP) and Monica Villar (MISEVI) (SPANISH)

3:00 Prayer

An Experience from the 2018 Vincentian Family Film Festival


Mark McGreevy, FamVin Homeless Alliance Coordinator

Sr Carol Keehan, DC, FHA Commission Member (ENGLISH)

Friday, 10 January

9:15 Prayer and Welcome

The Creation of a Culture of Vocations to the Charism:
Sr. Regina Hlavac, DC and Eduardo Almeida (SSVP)

Panel Discussion:
Sr. Veronika Häusler, SC
Denise el-Khoury
James Walters
Fr. Astor Rodriguez, CM

3:00: Prayer

Transmission of the Charism: Br. Rene Stockman, BC  (ENGLISH)

The Work of the Vincentian Family:
Taizè Invitation: Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM
Vincentian Family Missal: Sr. Bernadette Miller, DC
Task Force on the Charism and the Laity (NL Project): Marieke van de Ven, Jos Roemer, and Henrike van Riel

Saturday, 11 January

9:15 Prayer and Welcome

Moving Forward Together

Panel Discussion:
Regine Theodat (VF Haiti Initiative)
Fr. Michael Barth, ST
Ribel Elias (MISEVI)
Sr. Clarette De Coene, SC

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