What Do Veterans Day and All Saints Have In Common?

A connection hiding in plain sight

Once you think about I suspect you will recognize the common element. Both are moments to pause and reflect on ordinary people who did things out of the ordinary. Veterans, men and women who live among us, interrupted their ordinary lives and literally put their lives on the line. They sacrificed for the common good. All Saints, or in the words of Pope Francis, “the saints next door” transformed their lives in the ordinary struggles of being “followers of Jesus Christ” in everyday life in trying times. The common theme is that all those we celebrate answered a very significant call to serve more than themselves, to serve a “common good” implied in the prayer we often use… OUR Father.

Occasions to remember, celebrate and be strengthened

On these two special days, we are called to remember the examples of others who transcended a focus only on self but lived, whether for secular or religious motives, with a commitment to serve others.
On these special days celebrate them whether through parades or gathering for Eucharist.
On these special days, we are inspired as it sinks in that there is a world beyond our personal concerns. We are inspired to work for the common good of our brothers and sisters whether through democracy or ecclesial community.

The challenge of Veterans Day and All Saints

Let us consciously commit ourselves anew to a common good of family, both as understood in a secular context and in the context of a lived faith as brothers and sisters of “Our Father.”

Food for thought

  • How conscious are we of our call to the common good?
  • Are we willing to struggle for a common good in the midst of the challenges we face?f

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