What Makes Me Tick?

Have you ever asked the question what makes me tick?

This can be a pretty daunting question. What does it even mean, ‘to tick’? It’s not the same as feeling happy. It’s deeper, more involved. It’s that thing deep down that inspires and pushes you. It’s the thing that makes you feel really, well, you.

What made Vincent tick?

Fr. Tom McKenna of the Eastern Province of the Congregation of the Mission writes…

Vincent de Paul is surely interesting. Coming from modest means, he wound up mobilizing tens of thousands of people to follow his vision: a world in which the people on the bottom rung of society are singled out, valued, and helped. When the saint died, the preacher at his funeral claimed that he had changed the face of the Church in his time.

Not many people would be described as having changed the face of the Church in their time. So the question of what made Vincent de Paul tick is one worth exploring.

The following 4-minute video offers a possible answer to the question “What Set Vincent’s Heart on Fire?

The text is an excerpt drawn from “A Heart on Fire 400 Years Ago Shaped Our Church Today” which originally 

Visit the FamVin YouTube channel for the first 4 segments of the video presentation.

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