Who Can Help Us Change Perspectives on Poverty?

Who Can Help Us Change Perspectives on Poverty? It is hard for a day to go by without encountering distressing stereotypes of those who suffer poverty. What can be done to counter these images?

One of the initiatives of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of our charism seeks to identify and encourage creative ways of presenting the real face and faces of poverty in media. The Vincentian Family is sponsoring a Film festival and contest “Finding Vince 400,” focusing on exactly this issue.

The judges will select films that inspire direct service to the poor and change our vision of poverty. These films will be premiered at Castel Gandolfo, Italy during the Festival later this year.

We want to be sure that all in the Vincentian Family are aware of it and fully invited to participate.

You yourself might not qualify. But as a group, we do know some very creative people. Help the Vincentian Family Office spread the word to those blessed by God with such creativity.

In this short video, the actor, director and professor Clarence Gilyard Jr, responsible for the Festival and contest “Finding Vince 400,” invites us to participate in it, with a powerful reflection on poverty in the world:

Half of the world’s inhabitants live on $ 2.50 a day, that is poverty.

More than a billion others live on $ 1.25 a day, that is extreme poverty.

We can do something: storytellers, filmmakers, we need your help. Help change our perspective on poverty.

Please share the attached brochure with the members of your groups and all the collaborators with whom you live your apostolate: parishes, schools, institutes, universities, youth groups; and any other person or group that may be interested in participating.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for us – and especially for our youth – to carry forward the globalization of Charity.

For more details about how to attend FV400 at: #findingvince, #fv400. Find out how to submit at

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