A Niagara University Graduate Reflects on “The Summons”

Oct 22, 2017   /   Around the Province, Partner Impact Story

While I can keep going through the song, I feel that the first two verses of this hymn asks all the right questions in regard to how I am feeling about VVC, my experiences with community and SVDP so far.

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Icon of Charity: With Light in the Eyes • A Video from Fr. Tomaz Mavrič, CM

Dec 12, 2017   /   Partner Impact Story

Icon of Charity: With light in the eyes. The third video of the current series of reflections presents the triptych with the icon of St. Vincent dePaul written by Polish iconographer Mariola Bicho-Zajączkowska and inspired by Fr. Luigi Mezzadri, CM on the occasion of 400th anniversary of Vincentian Charism. Both of them tell us shortly why they icon was made and what is the meaning of the image.

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Nuntia November 2017

Dec 13, 2017   /   Partner Impact Story

Nuntia November 2017 is now available online.

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How a Vincentian University Can Impact Its Neighbors

Dec 20, 2017   /   Partner Impact Story

A brighter future is ahead for the South End of Niagara Falls, according to revitalization plans announced today by Niagara University, the city of Niagara Falls and several community partners.

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The Birth of Jesus in Interfaith Perspective

Dec 21, 2017   /   Around the Province, Partner Impact Story

Read aloud the words of “The Magnificat”, one of the eight most ancient Christian hymns and perhaps the earliest Marian hymn. Ask yourself “Is this not a prayer that BOTH Christians and Muslims can pray together?

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How a Vincentian Education changed a CEO’s life… and the world

Dec 27, 2017   /   Partner Impact Story

A Vincentian Education taught the CEO of Changing Our World that his goal was not just to make a living bu to enable others to make their way…

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What’s on the Pope’s Mind?… Our minds?

Dec 31, 2017   /   News and Events, Partner Impact Story

What will you and I do to make this a better world for those seeking refuge and peace?

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American Daughter of Charity Dies in Tanzania

Feb 07, 2018   /   News and Events, Partner Impact Story

Sr. Barbara Kauss DC died in an automobile accident in Tanzania. Two other sisters were injured.

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Fr. Tomaz Mavric – Lenten Letter 2018

Feb 09, 2018   /   Around the Province, Partner Impact Story

“With the Advent letter in 2016, we began reflecting on the pillars of Saint Vincent’s spirituality: the Incarnation, the Holy Trinity, and the Eucharist. In this Lenten letter, we will reflect on the fourth pillar, the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

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Nuntia January 2018 – News of the International Congregation

Feb 10, 2018   /   Partner Impact Story

The January issue of NUNTIA, the International Publication of the Congregation of Mission is available Online

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Vincentian University Turns Racist Incident into a Teachable Moment

Feb 16, 2018   /   News and Events, Partner Impact Story

Niagara University turns a racist incident into a teachable moment.

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Lent and the Tension of Being Bridges to Belonging

Feb 17, 2018   /   Partner Impact Story

For Vincentians heeding the call to conversion translates into being servants of hospitality and communion and belonging … and the inevitability of the tension of holding on to truths that seem to conflict.

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St. John’s University Helps Fulfill the Dream of Parents for Their Children

Feb 19, 2018   /   Partner Impact Story

“It is the hope and dream of every parent that his or her child exceeds their own accomplishments and finds success,” said Dr. Gempesaw, President of St. John’s University. Now, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. St. John’s is the #1 Catholic institution in the nation on the list of “Colleges with the Highest Student-Mobility Rates.

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Visiting Panama: St. Mary’s in Balboa, San Jose Major Seminary & Comarca of Soloy

Feb 20, 2018   /   Partner Impact Story

A visit to the Provincial Region of Panama, from our newest mission there, Santa Maria de Belen in Escobal, to San Jose Major Seminary and the Comarca of Soloy.

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Our Lady of the.. Highway? Hitting the Road in a Mobile Chapel

Mar 02, 2018   /   Around the Province, Partner Impact Story

Can you imagine a chapel on an 18 wheeler crisscrossing the United States Interstate Highway system serving truckers? That is what is happening in Brazil!

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