Taking it to the Streets

The congregations of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and Faith Chapel Church took their faith to the streets for “Faith Communities of Germantown Against Violence” Prayer Walk. Fr. Sylvester Peterka, CM, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish said this prayer walk is more important now than ever, after a devastating surge in violence on the streets of Philadelphia.

“We need help,” Fr. Sy said to the crowd. “In our city last year more than 565 lives were taken by violence. Families are crying, our city is crying, Germantown is crying. Violence is never the answer. We got to let people know God has the answer and it is love”

Participants in the prayer walk carried signs denouncing violence as they peacefully walked, sang, and gave testimony at various street corners in Germantown where violence occurred.

Philadelphia hit a grim milestone with more than 100 homicides this year following a historically bloody 2021 which saw more than 565 deadly crimes. It’s these staggering numbers that keep these congregations taking it to the streets until crime is hopefully stomped out.

For information on future prayer walks please contact Fr. Sy at (215) 438-2925.

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