Depaul House Wins Award

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Depaul House to receive Zones of Peace Award

The Greater Philadelphia Interfaith Center has notified Depaul USA that Depaul House and its other Philadelphia programs were awarded recognition as a “Zone of Peace.” Zones of Peace is an initiative of the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia. The Council’s member congregations have committed themselves to building neighborhoods “free from fear, filled with respect, and marked by deeds of kindness.” Zones of Peace recognizes organizations that embody that commitment and are “pioneering creative responses to violence.”

Depaul USA’s Philadelphia programs are being recognized, in particular, for their service to persons who are homeless. According to Rev. John B. Hougen of the Greater Philadelphia Interfaith Center, “Depaul USA staff, board, volunteers, and clients together do the hard work of responding holistically, professionally, and compassionately to the complex of issues that contribute to and accompany homelessness, and do so while respecting the dignity of all persons, and communicating peace, joy, and hope.”

Our vision is that everyone has a place to call home and a stake in his or her community. – Depaul USA Mission Statement

Depaul House, the earliest of Depaul USA’s Philadelphia programs, provides transitional housing and life-skill training to men experiencing homelessness. Since its opening in 2009, 283 men have passed through the doors of Depaul House, and 210 residents (81%) have Zones of Peace Logosuccessfully moved out of homelessness and back into the community. Several former residents have even returned to become regular volunteers at Depaul House.

Depaul USA also provides a variety of other services for homeless persons in Philadelphia. St. Raymond’s House offers permanent supportive housing for disabled men and women with chronic health conditions. The Medical Respite Center is a short-term, specialized program that assists individuals with acute medical conditions, many of whom also struggle with mental illness or chemical dependence. Depaul USA also runs Immaculate Cleaning Services, a professional cleaning business whose profits support Depaul House.

The Zones of Peace banner presentation will take place at Depaul House, 5725 Sprague Street, Philadelphia, PA  19138 at 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 5. Depaul USA Executive Director Charles Levesque will accept the Zone of Peace banner from Rev. Hougen. Fr. Bernard M. Tracey, CM, former Board Chair of Depaul USA, will preside as Emcee at this celebratory event.

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