Eastern Province Vincentian: “Padre of Guadalcanal”

Fr. Frederic P. Gehring, CM (1903 – 1998) was an Eastern Province Vincentian who rose to international fame for his heroic exploits as a Navy chaplain during the Second World War. His actions during the war also earned him the nickname, “Padre of Guadalcanal.”

Before and after the war he served in a variety of ministries during life as a Vincentian, including pastoring St. Vincent De Paul Parish in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn about Father Gehring’s heroic actions in the war and his priestly life by checking out the obituaries that were printed in national publications at the time of his death in 1998. You can also order his book about the child’s life he saved during the war, by visiting HERE

New York Times Obituary

Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary

Newsday Obituary

American Catholic Obituary



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