Niagara University Awarded $50K to Address Food Insecurity

$50,000 National Grant Awarded To Niagara University Community Service Initiative

nutritionNiagara University will receive a $50,000 grant through NobleCause, a grant competition that mobilizes volunteers to address the greatest challenges facing their communities. The Niagara University Community Service Initiative will use the grant to develop volunteer leaders and organize others to address the issue of food insecurity in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

A recent study found that 70 percent of Niagara Falls residents are eligible for food stamps. The Niagara University Community Service Initiative hopes to increase local access to healthy food and awareness of healthy eating.

With more people working to alleviate some of the challenges that come with a lack of access to nutritional foods, we can make a sustainable positive impact on the lives of our neighbors in need.

The Niagara University Community Service Initiative will organize volunteer activities throughout the year, all with a focus on nutrition. A pilot project will teach Niagara Falls residents how to prepare healthy meals. Other volunteers will engage in community outreach at local events in targeted neighborhoods. Students from the university’s School of Nursing will also offer free monthly health screenings and guidance about healthy eating.

Niagara University staff, faculty, and students regularly volunteer throughout the region. “We are grateful for the opportunity to further extend our Catholic and Vincentian mission into Niagara Falls,” said the Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., Niagara University president.

Here’s a link to the article from NU News.

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