St. Mary’s Parish in Greensboro Rejoices in Its Diversity

“The joy is in the diversity, the blessing is in the faith, the hope, and the generosity. That is St. Mary’s Catholic Church,” states Fr. Jack Timlin, C.M., pastor of St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s was established in 1928 to serve black residents in the segregated southeastern area of the city. The 1970’s ushered in a new phase in the life of St. Mary’s as refugees from Asia and Africa began to join the parish. In the mid 1990’s another phase in our parish life began with the migration of Latinos, mainly from Mexico, began worshiping at St. Mary’s. Prior to that time there was only one Spanish language Mass, celebrated monthly, in Greensboro. Through the efforts of Father Vincent Finnerty, C.M., a weekly Mass in Spanish was instituted in 1995 and continues to the present. Currently, the parish is comprised of African American, White, Vietnamese, Latino and exiles from civil wars in various nations. St. Mary’s has parishioners from twenty-one countries and from every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

Outreach remains integral to the parish’s identity. “We are dedicated to serving the poor, the forgotten and the unloved…,” the parish’s mission statement declares.

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