How a Vincentian Education changed a CEO’s life… and the world

Photo courtesy of Catholic Charities

A Vincentian Education taught the CEO of Changing Our World that his goal was not just to make a living bu to enable others to make their way in life.

In a special edition of The Journal of Vincentian Social Action, we learn how a CEO, educated and changed by the Vincentian charism at St. John’s University, became who he is today. Below  is a reflection by Brian Crimmins, MBA, Class of 2001. Brian writes how the Vincentian charism  in education helped him realize that his main goal in life goal was not just to make a living, but to enable others to make their way. He was recently honored by Catholic Charities at its 2017 Dinner.

Here is Brian’s  story.

At Changing our World, I found myself in a  very collaborative environment. We were not only responding to the changes around us, but actually driving change. Ten  years later, I  was named its Chief Executive Officer. I have worked alongside some of the most influential people in the philanthropic sector and served clients in the faith-based, education, human service, healthcare, and the corporate sectors….

Looking back, I never thought working as a graduate assistant in the Office of Institutional Advancement at St. John’s would have such an impact on my future. I didn’t realize at first that what my parents were saying and doing as I grew up—namely the importance of the Vincentian mission—would ring true in my life in such a profound and lasting  manner, day in and day out. It is this — a Vincentian education in the way of service that gave me the foundation to succeed. To this very day, it guides and helps  me  grow  personally and professionally. This, in turn, helps my clients make a difference in the world. It is all this, that I am grateful for.

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PS Changing Our World is part of Omnicom, a Fortune 200 company, consisting of world-class public relations, communications, marketing, branding, digital, research and advertising experts. It is a full-service fundraising consulting group, working with our nonprofit clients to strengthen revenue strategies, develop innovative partnerships and grow to meet changing needs.

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