Fr. Dennis Holtschneider Named Chair of Niagara University’s Board of Trustees

Oct 01, 2018   /   Around the Province

Fr. Dennis Holtschneider, C.M., has been named Chair of the Niagara University Board of Trustees. Father Holtschneider’s role as board chair is not his first experience with Niagara University.…

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What Tugs At Your Soul?

Sep 30, 2018   /   Around the Province

Is there some pattern, something sleeping inside waking up, grabbing hold, and propelling you down some new road?

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Thank You Vincent – You Changed Your World… and Our World

Sep 29, 2018   /   Around the Province

After reading this post I hope you too will say… Thank you, Vincent, for being such an amazing change agent in your time and even our times.

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Please remember +Mary Tobin, Eastern Province Affiliate

Sep 28, 2018   /   Uncategorized

Your prayers are requested for Eastern Province Affiliate Mary Tobin and her family. She died peacefully yesterday morning,

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The Heart of University Life is a Project of Discovery

Sep 27, 2018   /   Around the Province

“The Heart of University Life is a project of discovery.” This is how the Vincentian Superior General sees the ministry of higher education. In his career-focused to Niaraga University he spoke of the great power of a university in it faculty and students. I ask you to use it in ever more creative ways.

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Caution! This Post May Lead to Addiction

Sep 26, 2018   /   Around the Province

You might not be aware there is a searchable database containing over 700 picture-quotes draw on the wisdom of St. Vincent and other Vincentian Heritage figures.

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The Relevance of “Charity’s Saint” For Today

Sep 24, 2018   /   Around the Province

Vincent de Paul: Charity’s Saint is a wonderful documentary about Saint Vincent and Saint Louise:. If you have not seen it, or have not seen it in a while, take some time this week to enjoy the trailer or full-length movie available on YouTube

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Why Bother About a Man Who Lived 400 Years Ago?

Sep 23, 2018   /   Around the Province

Why bother about a man who lived 400 years ago? Why are more than a million people from all walks of life and every corner of the world on fire with a passion to serve following in his footsteps?

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Did St. Vincent Ever Envision Vincentian Universities?

Sep 22, 2018   /   Around the Province

The short answer to the question “Did Vincent ever envision Vincentian Universities?” is probably no. But that may not be the right question. Read what is happening. You be the judge!

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Listen – What a Novel Idea!

Sep 21, 2018   /   Around the Province

Fr. Pat Griffin reflects on the lack of civil discourse today. He suggests that the real problem is our inability to listen before we speak or engage in a conversation or act.

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New Novena in Preparation for the Feast of St Vincent

Sep 20, 2018   /   Around the Province

The international website of the Congregation of the Mission is publishing texts of a newly developed novena in multiple languages.

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Sep 19, 2018   /   Around the Province

No other words are necessary!

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Naming Vincent’s Charism In Everyday Life

Sep 18, 2018   /   Around the Province

Vincent’s earliest biographer wrote that Vincent, like another Elijah, “left his mantle not only to the members of his own Congregation but also to all the other virtuous people who joined him in fulfilling his mission of charity.”

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Niagara University Lives Its Commitment To Vincentian Values

Sep 17, 2018   /   Around the Province

Niagara University seeks to embody the vision of St. Vincent de Paul in Scholarship, Teaching & Service. In particular, the Levesque Insititute for Civic Engagement sponsors the South End Housing Initiative.

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Why Did Jesus Rebuke Peter In Front Of the Disciples?

Sep 16, 2018   /   Around the Province

Why did Jesus tell the crowds not to tell anyone about him? Why did he double down and tell his inner circle of disciples not to talk about him? Why did he even triple down with Peter, his Rock, who tried to warn him about talking about suffering? (Mk 8:27-35)

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