Jim Claffey Vincentian United Nations Representative

Aug 02, 2022

Jim Claffey serves as the United Nations NGO Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) Representative. Many of us are not quite sure what that means, so we thought we’d ask Jim to give us an introduction to the position.

His Cup Runneth Over…To the Next House

Aug 16, 2022

Fr. Luis Romero, CM, Director of Vocations for the Vincentians Eastern Province, has researched creative ways of promoting vocations in the local communities and found a Program which is called The Vocation Chalice Program.

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Vincentian CM Superior General Visits with Pope Francis

Read Father Tomaž Mavrič greetings to the Holy Father on the Occasion of the Papal Audience with the Delegates of the XLIII General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission.

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Concert Celebrates Efforts to Promote Religious Vocations in Hispanic Community

Fr. Luis Romero, CM held a concert for the youth and families of the Hispanic community of Long Island, NY on Thursday, April 21.

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A New Way of Promoting Vocations: 2022 “God Calls, You Choose” Vocation Festival

Since taking office as Vocation Director, Fr. Luis Romero, CM, is embracing the profound effects of thinking outside the box.

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