As Vincentians we strive to follow Jesus Christ in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, a disciple who looked to Jesus as the one sent from God to bring Good News to the poor.

“Our vocation, then, is not to go to one parish, or even to one diocese, but throughout the whole world, and for what end? To inflame the hearts of men, to do what the Son of God did. He came to cast fire on the earth, to inflame it with His love.” -St. Vincent de Paul

We discover this missionary Christ on the faces of men and women of today, especially those living on the margins, and in word and deed we work to bring them the saving love of God. We attempt to follow this same Christ in the spirit of the five virtues which Vincent proposed as hallmarks of any servant of the poor. They are:

Simplicity: being honest and forthright.

Meekness: striving to be gentle and approachable.

Humility: acknowledging our true place before the greatness of God. .

Mortification: disciplining ourselves for the sake of the spreading the gospel.

Zeal for Souls: getting swept into the fire of Christ’s love for the world

We do this communally, with both the priests and brothers of our Congregation and the thousands of members of the Vincentian Family world wide. As “mystics in action,” we would weave together active ministry with a life of prayer.

Serving not just the individual person, we advocate for change in the systems which bring about world poverty and work toward a culture of solidarity for all persons.

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