A monthly series in Vincentian Voices that asks five random questions to an Eastern Province Priest or Brother. This month, we talk with Fr. Gregory Cozzubbo, CM.

What was your favorite course or subject in school and why?

My favorite subjects in both High School and College were the Sciences – Biology and Chemistry. I was always fascinated with “experimenting” and learning about the many “miracles” of nature and all of God’s creation.

What movie have you seen the most times? Please explain.

Well, besides the Wizard of Oz which, as a child, I watched every time it was on TV (and still do!), I have watched “The Shack” many, many times. I just found it to be a story that can get us to look at our relationship with God – most especially in times of sadness, tragedy, anger and doubt. Although I can’t really say there was a “happy ending” to the movie, I believe it helps us look at the reality of hardship and struggle in our lives and how we experience God’s Presence – or absence of it – during the difficult times that can test our faith and trust in God.

If you could ask Saint Vincent de Paul one question, what is the question and why?

A question I would ask Saint Vincent is – “What really gave you the perseverance and strength to carry out such a profound ministry and not “give up” on the needs of the poor and unfortunate?” I know that ultimately it was his faith and relationship with God but I would like to hear if there were other influences that made him known for his life of charity and great trust in the Divine Providence of God.

Besides connecting with family and friends, what do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to cook, bake, garden and read mystery and thriller novels. Those things really bring me joy and relaxation.

If you could have dinner with one non-religious historical figure (dead or alive), who would it be and why? What might you ask them?

Given the current of racial discrimination and injustice in our country and throughout the world, I would love to have dinner with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I would like to hear his thoughts on why this terrible sin of racism continues to be so pervasive and hurtful in our world. How can we educate one another and put a stop to such a painful reality in our lives.