Vincentian Parish Communities

“He has sent me to evangelize the poor.”- Luke 4:18

As Vincentians, we commit to serving the poor, the forgotten, and the unloved with Christ’s fire of love. Across our parishes in the Eastern United States, we make a home for all peoples and serve them with tireless dedication.

As missionaries, we seek out and serve the most underserved individuals in society. As pastors, we shepherd love in our local communities of faith. As priests, we support the sacramental life of all. We walk alongside our parishioners in their journeys of faith, and we lift up our communities in the hope of Jesus Christ.

Our parishes are culturally, ethnically, socially, and economically diverse. We invite all peoples to discover the love of God, by creating strong, loving, and united communities as one family in God. All are welcome to come, and to love and serve God together.

Many of our parish communities are home to men and women with unique cultural needs. We adapt to the needs of our people and celebrate the sacraments in many languages and cultures. Whether they speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Igbo and indigenous language groups, our parish ministries provide a spiritual home for African American, Hispanic, and Asian Catholics.

Like St. Vincent de Paul, we partner with the laity to build God’s kingdom. We also encourage and support lay Catholics in becoming faith leaders. Through a variety of adult faith formation programs, we equip the laity to serve and share the gospel.

Aside from spiritual needs, we also support the basic needs of the wider community. Through local partnerships, we are able to provide a variety of social services including: soup kitchens and food pantries, basic health-care services, employment assistance, and legal naturalization.

Above all, our Vincentian parishes pour out the love of Christ for the poor, and share His gospel message of hope. Visit one of our Vincentian communities and discover God’s love for you, His beloved child.