Immigrants, Migrants & Refugees

“The people of the countryside, opressed by ignorance and poverty, are deprived he this same assistance so abundant in the cities.” – St. Vincent de Paul


Mary and Joseph were migrants looking for a safe place to stay during the census. They had to leave their home of Nazareth and travel to Bethlehem. Upon their arrival, a stranger welcomed them into their home. In the same way, we are all called to open our hearts and welcome new arrivals into our country. St. Vincent de Paul helped refugees and immigrants escape war in France, and his priests helped them resettle to new lands. If there is any clear task we must follow, it is to welcome new arrivals and support those entering our country.

We encourage welcoming places of worship, where diversity thrives. We act as a friendly face to those who are different than us by providing love and hospitality for immigrants, migrants, and refugees as St. Vincent de Paul did.