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We Say Farewell to a Transformative Figure in the Eastern Province

As the sunlight of early afternoon hours filled his room at St. Catherine’s Infirmary on Sunday, June 23, 2024, Father Joseph Levesque, CM, entered eternal life. His decades of work throughout the Eastern Province, particularly within academia at both Niagara and St. John’s universities, shaped the current state of our province.



Vincentian Insights from the Province

Fr. John Freund, CM

“St. Vincent de Paul demonstrated a both/and thinking approach. He emphasized the integration of spirituality and practical charity, working to address the material and spiritual needs of the poor. St. Vincent de Paul recognized the interconnectedness of social justice and personal holiness.”

Fr. Tom McKenna, CM

“I remember a man complaining that there was too much dissention in his family. He used a memorable phrase to describe their connections: ‘In a given month, who’s in and who’s out?’ . . .

Vincent’s Family today continues to expand that line of ‘who’s in,’ and to shrink the boundaries of ‘who’s out.'”

Fr. Pat Griffin, CM

“The reader can take up the Bible, read it, and come to an understanding that was intended by God for this person in this time and place. Yes, God’s Spirit works within the reader of the text. Thus, as we begin to read the Word of God, we should pray that God’s Spirit may move within us and help us to understand a meaning of the text for ourselves.”

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Fr. John Kettelberger, CM

We talk with Fr. John Kettelberger, CM, who serves as the spiritual director for the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal (CAMM), a ministry of the Vincentians of the Eastern Province in Philadelphia. We asked him what led him to become a Vincentian, what CAMM is, and more!


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