A monthly series in Vincentian Voices that asks five random questions to an Eastern Province Priest or Brother. This month, we talk with Fr. Leo Tiburcio. Fr. Leo is Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Charlotte, NC.

What was your favorite course or subject in school and why?

During my time in Saint Charles seminary, I enjoyed a few subjects, but my favorite subject was the course on Grace. Msgr. Magee presented the course with a feeling that God’s Grace is present, alive, and touchable. The course was like living a spiritual retreat.

What movie have you seen the most times? Please explain.

Avatar is the movie I have seen many times but also, it’s the one that I enjoy the most. Even though it is a fiction movie, it shows a spiritual reality. All living beings, the animals, the plants trees, the forest, and the people are connected. The connection is if a spirit (God) holds the Avatar world in His hands, all things are meant to function as one, respecting and caring for each other. The dark side of the movie shows how the need for power, dominion, ambition, and carelessness destroys life, beauty, and unity.

If you could ask Saint Vincent de Paul one question, what is the question and why?
I would ask to Saint Vincent, do you know if any of your relatives are catholic. I would ask this question because it would be nice to know what Saint Vincent’s relatives think of his legacy.

Besides connecting with family and friends, what do you like to do in your free time?

I use my free time for various activities like exploring the city’s greenways, which are many. I also like to run, hike, or take a long nap. When it is possible, I join families for supper or family celebrations

If you could have dinner with one non-religious historical figure (dead or alive), who would it be and why? What might you ask them?

If I have the chance, I will have dinner with the last Aztec Emperor. I would choose him because he saw the end of a great civilization which lasted for many centuries, which had a great school system, which had a great calendar, and which had great medical knowledge. I would ask him why he invited the Spaniards to his palace.