A monthly series in Vincentian Voices that asks five random questions to an Eastern Province Priest or Brother. This month, we talk with Vocations Director, Fr. Luis Romero, C.M. . Since taking office as Vocation Director for the Vincentians Eastern Province on the Campus of St. John’s University in August 2020, Fr. Luis is embracing the profound effects of thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting religious vocation. Learn more about this dynamic, young priest by reading his answers below!

What was your favorite course or subject in school and why?

My favorite subject is Pastoral Psychology. I feel there is a great need for a wider understanding of human functioning. As priests, religious and ministers in the Church serving God’s people, to do better in Christ’s mission, we need to be able to help and understand the whole person, not just in the spiritual sense. We know people struggle so much trying to understand things of spiritual matter but very often we encounter people whose struggle with psychological issues. To better serve them, we need to have the skill set to understand them and treat them compassionately.

What movie have you seen the most times? Please explain.

One movie that I like a lot is “The King’s Speech” the story of a British King and his personal struggle to control his stuttering. In this movie one can see very clear how love, friendship and faith can significantly empower the other and help them in their struggles. Throughout the movie Albert’s wife Elizabeth did not get tired and was consistent in trying to find a therapist that would help him to improve his speech to be able to do his duty as king. She finally finds one and convinces Albert to visit him. She had faith that Albert would control his speech impediment. At the end, Albert is a changed man and becomes a good leader.

If you could ask Saint Vincent de Paul one question, what is the question and why?

I would ask Saint Vincent. How would he face today’s challenges in the world? And I would ask him to help me to be so committed, so dedicated and so faithful to the will of God as he was.

Besides connecting with family and friends, what do you like to do in your free time?

Besides connecting with family and friends, I enjoy cooking, watching movies nature walks and traveling.

If you could have dinner with one religious historical figure (dead or alive), who would it be and why? What might you ask them?

If I could have dinner with a historical figure that will be Saint Oscar Romero, because he is a modern-day Martyr and because he was a fearless defendant of the poor and suffering. The question I would ask him would be : Did you ever imagine how much the poor would change your life and ministry and that you would be willing to die for their cause?