Jesus: A Pilgrimage

A memoir by James Martin, SJ

In his Jesus: A Pilgrimage, James Martin, SJ, offers a wonderfully readable and informative telling of the life of Jesus that will appeal to believers. I found it so. Martin invites us on a “pilgrimage” with him in the Holy Land as he visits the places and reflects on the time of our Lord’s life. Though clearly dependent upon the Gospel story, he presents neither a commentary nor a research tool. Martin does not presume to tell tales that are not part of the received revelation. He does, however, help the reader to come to know more about the environment that caused Jesus to speak and act as he did. Martin intends this work to be a meditation for himself upon the world of Jesus. The reader can share in this reflection and thus come to a better reading of the Gospels that directs us towards our Savior. For all of us who remain committed to knowing more about Jesus and who want to walk the roads with him, this book provides a unique resource for just such a pilgrimage.