A Medal that Changed the World

Nov 01, 2020

It’s very tiny, barely an inch long and half-inch wide. There’s nothing elaborate or stunning about it. It’s not even made out of silver or gold. How can something so small and simple be such a momentous force in the world? And yet, it is.

Our Catholic Faith is filled with sacramentals that work with, and point to, the spiritual. They are visible reminders of invisible realities. The Miraculous Medal is a powerful reminder, regardless of its size. A pebble thrown into a lake may make some large ripples, but a Miraculous Medal worn with faith and love makes tsunami-size waves.

Divine Composition

Nov 02, 2020

It has been called the prayer heard around the world. As stewards of Mary and her Miraculous Medal Shrine, the Vincentians of the Eastern Province celebrate 90 years of upholding the tradition of praying the Novena uninterrupted every Monday. Just as impressive, the Perpetual Novena has remained unbroken in 90 years.

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The Miraculous Medal Shrine Crypt

Hidden deep beneath the Shrine (yet accessible from the building’s Lower Level) the Crypt, also known as the Shrine’s Mortuary Chapel, is the final resting place of 71 Vincentian priests, brothers, and seminarians.

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Home Sweet Vincent’s Homes

As the Vincentians enter their 171st year of service to the poor and the marginalized in Germantown, they recognize the urgent call to continue to be witnesses of…

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Exposing Human Trafficking

Sr. Michelle Loisel, DC, will give a presentation to anyone, anywhere, and anytime about the scourge of modern-day slavery, also known as human trafficking. When she speaks with…

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