Recommended and reviewed by

Fr. Sylvester Peterka, CM

The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life is a book that helps us understand ourselves better, and is also a starting point that any follower of St. Vincent should have: Not ourselves but GOD.

This book helps you to understand why you are alive and God’s plan for you. It is a book that you can read often depending on your situation and station in life. It would also be a great book to read during this pandemic.

The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st Century. It uses many scriptural quotes and also has many meditative questions that help each individual to go deeper into his/her relationship with God. It has chapters like: What drives your life? – Developing Your Friendship with God – What Matters Most? – How We Grow – Made for a Mission.

There are 40 such poignant, simple chapters that are all thought provoking. I would suggest sharing your daily reflection with another person.

This is a book that not only grabs your attention, but can change your life.

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