New ideas in marketing are challenging for any organization, and it is no different in the ever-changing landscape of vocation promotion. Since taking office as Vocation Director for the Vincentians Eastern Province on the Campus of St. John’s University in August 2020, Fr. Luis Romero, CM, is embracing the profound effects of thinking outside the box. “I thought about new ways we can find to promote religious vocations on the campus of St. John’s. After some time of prayer and discernment, I thought a Vocation Festival would be worth a try,” says Fr. Luis.

He began reaching out to key people at St. John’s University campus to start organizing a vocation event and set the date for April 19, 2022. Fr. Luis then sent out invitations to Vocation Directors of the dioceses and religious communities in the New York area. The response was great. More than 30 Vocation Directors attended with members of their communities as well as seminarians, all working together to foster religious vocations.

“It was challenging in the beginning stages of organizing the event, but I am happy and satisfied with the outcome. We had a great experience,” notes Fr. Luis. “We have begun a new way of promoting religious vocations among the student community of St. John’s University, Queens Campus. We hope this continues year after year. We ask Our Lord to bless us with more vocations, to send more courageous men and women willing to give their lives for the service of God’s people and the Church.”

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