Troy Vincent, NFL executive vice president, and Tommi Vincent, chair of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, have launched The Vincent Commission, a newly established entity formed to study and address gender-based violence on college and university campuses. The Vincent Commission will partner with Niagara University to conduct “The New Ground Study on Gender-based Violence” to focus on understanding how young men, through their thoughts and experiences, perceive domestic and gender-based violence.

The research will be led by well-respected Niagara University scholars Jennifer Beebe, Ph.D., and Dana Radatz, Ph.D. Based on results from “The New Ground Study,” The Vincent Commission will recommend best practices for prevention, educational approaches, and policy changes. In addition, core findings from the study will also enable the commission to offer a new model for higher education institutions on the prevention of gender-based violence and bring awareness to bystander intervention. The intention is that the model framework will be easily replicated, customized, and adapted to other campus communities while informing policy, future research, and practice prior to implementation.

Niagara University has been a leader in ensuring a safe environment on campus and in the community. Working with Dr. Beebe and Dr. Radatz, the university deepened its commitment with the establishment of the Office of Violence Prevention and Education, which works to increase dialogue and engage all individuals in prevention, education, and intervention efforts surrounding domestic violence, dating violence, assault, and stalking.

The Vincent Commission team will include academic scholars and experts in the of field domestic and gender-based violence.

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